North Sea Port wants to further develop the port area, which extends from Vlissingen in the Netherlands to Ghent in Flanders. In order to do so, it has a number of ambitions.

North Sea Port wants to maintain economic growth

North Sea Port wants to generate economic growth through the diversification of sectors and (trading) areas. It aims to achieve a sustainable increase in added value, employment and transhipment volumes (seagoing and inland navigation).

In 2022, North Sea Port wants to be known as a leading brand in the international port world and offer the corresponding professional services.

North Sea Port wants to improve the development opportunities for existing and new customers by coordinating spatial development with the infrastructure

North Sea Port is planning to further develop the multimodal infrastructure (seagoing shipping, inland navigation, rail, road and pipe- lines) and will further improve the accessibility of the port.

North Sea Port is aiming for optimum spatial development and sustainable configuration of the available space.

North Sea Port seeks to work actively with all the partners involved in order to achieve the existing ambitious objectives in terms of sustainability more quickly

North Sea Port is investing in sustainable business operations, transport and land use, with respect for the living environment and nature.