ISPS in port of Ghent

Since the introduction of the ISPS code ('International Ship and Port Facility Security Code', July 2004) all port facilities in port of Ghent have been ISPS certified. This means that they have an approved security plan and that a ‘PFSO’ ('Port Facility Security Officer') is appointed at the terminal for the observance of the plan.

The security plans are being approved by the ‘Nationale Autoriteit voor Maritieme Beveiliging’ (NAMB: national maritime safety authority) and inspected per port by the ‘Lokaal Comité voor Maritieme Beveiliging’ (LCMB: local maritime safety committee).

The list of the approved Ghent port facilities can be found at the bottom of this page.

The worldwide list of ISPS terminals can be consulted at the IMO GISIS website (International Maritime Organization - Global Integrated Shipping Information System). You can make a free account there.

For the Ghent port facilities there are a number of instructions for fences, gates and key cases. Those can be found at the bottom of this page.

Notification of vessels

All vessels that are liable to the ISPS code have to provide safety information at the latest 24 hours prior to their arrival at port of Ghent.

This pre-arrival security notification is integrated in the ENIGMA port information system where the necessary information is entered and directly sent on to the Maritime Information Crossroads.


The ISPS code stipulates that practising the security plans at port facilities is compulsory. A guideline for this is the 'Exercitium' handbook (see download below) in which practical tips are given for complying to this obligation to practise. A report of all quarterly and yearly practices has to be submitted to the local committee via the form in the downloads below.

Safety incidents

In case safety incidents occur at an ISPS terminal, they will be notified first of all by the PFSO or his replacement by phone to the shipping police (tel. 101) and to the harbour master’s office of Ghent Port Company (tel. +32 9 251 56 39).

Infringements as a consequence of which the PFSO can no longer act according to the safety procedures as described in the security plan, have to be registered and notified as soon as possible to the PSO by email. Depending on the nature of the infringement, other competent services will be informed. The notification by the PFSO is done by means of the form that can be downloaded below.

Security Awareness

A security increase in the port is obtained when everyone who works there contributes his mite. The handbook ‘Security Awareness’ can help in this matter and is interesting for people active at a port facility. You can find this handbook (only available in Dutch) at the bottom of this page.