Port card and access to port area

Port card

All persons who want to enter the port area for professional reasons need to have a valid port card. This is also stipulated in the General police regulations for North Sea Port Flanders . As a matter of fact, for accessing the docks, quays and access roads to the quays, an authorization is necessary. Persons who do not want to or who cannot submit a port card, can be denied access to the port.

North Sea Port’s port commander’s department issues the port cards. Requests for port cards can be done by sending an e-mail. The cost price for a port card is mentioned in the tariff regulations. The port card is valid for 5 years.

Expired port cards and port cards that were issued to persons no longer working in the port have to be returned to the port commander’s department.

The port card is complementary to the electronic identity card.

Temporary access
Also for a once-only or temporary access to the docks and quays (e.g. for a short assignment at a company in the port or to take pictures or to shoot a film) an authorization has to be obtained. This application will also be handled by sending an e-mail.