General police regulations for port of Ghent

In the General police regulations for port of Ghent (only available in Dutch, last modified 23 November 2015 and valid as of 1 January 2016) the port area is defined, the powers of the port captain and of the port commander within the port area are laid down and the environmental, traffic and safety provisions are clearly defined.

These police regulations result from the act of 5 May 1936 in which the tasks and the statute of port captains were laid down. This was later adjusted by the shipping assistance decree (16 June 2006) and the port decree (2 March 1999).

In addition to the port regulations there is the supplementary regulation concerning road traffic within the port area. The latter describes the exceptions to the traffic regulations that apply to the public internal port roads and more in particular to the port vehicles.

You can download the entire English text of the General police regulations for port of Ghent via the link below. Only the Dutch text is legally binding.