Application form for new ENIGMA+ users

An agency acting for the first time in North Sea Port has to use the ENIGMA+ port information system, just like all other port users. In order to get access to the system, you have to apply for a code by means of an online application form (in Dutch).

More information on the different port costs can be found in the tariff regulations (Ghent).

If desired, North Sea Port can also provide for a training course on ENIGMA+. Please send an e-mail to the Port Commander’s Department for this purpose.

Besides completing the form, you also have to contact North Sea Port’s Treasury as regards the security money: during office hours (from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m.) at the number +32 (0)9 250 97 12 (Els Maenhout or Sven Van Lierde) or by e-mail.