Application for the use of a public quay

Whoever wishes to make use of a public quay for loading or unloading cargo or wants to use quay areas for the short-term storage of goods has to ask permission for this. At the bottom of this page you can find the relevant application form.

You can read more on this matter in the tariff regulations on page 19 (articles 24 and 25).


  • Please submit the application at least two working days beforehand to North Sea Port's Harbour Master’s Office via e-mail.
  • The applicant is responsible for the correctness of the data in the application form.
  • North Sea Port will approve or refuse the application. There has to be a prior written consent by North Sea Port before any use of a public quay/or quay area can be made.
  • The instructions and conditions imposed by the Harbour Master’s Office have to be respected during the whole term of the use.
  • The dues are owing by the one who signed the application form or the one who - concerning the goods loaded or unloaded - acts as owner, shipper, receiver, consignee or as authorized or appointed representative of one of them.