Dangerous and/or polluting materials regulation

The dangerous and/or polluting materials regulation for port of Ghent - that is called the codex - is the implementation of articles 4.5.1, 4.5.2 and 4.5.3 of the valid General police regulations for port of Ghent. These articles state that dangerous and/or polluting materials may only be handled (i.e. shipped in, shipped out, unloaded, loaded, pumped, transhipped or held on board) in port of Ghent after having first been reported via the electronical port information system ENIGMA+ to the port commander's department.

Every seagoing and inland shipping vessel that transports polluting goods into or out of the port or keeps them on board must report this via the ENIGMA+ port information system.

All berths in port of Ghent are divided into categories A through D depending on the distance between the berth and the closest residential concentration.

The codex lists the berths at which dangerous materials may be handled as well as the conditions that apply to the handling of these materials. You can find the full regulation on dangerous and/or polluting materials below. Any checklists, forms and maps related to this can be found at the bottom of the relevant page in Dutch.