North Sea Port wins international prize for best tank storage port during the 2018 Tank Storage Awards in Rotterdam

Published on Wed 21 Mar 2018
On the evening of Tuesday 20 March, North Sea Port won its first-ever award as a cross-border fusion port when its tank storage earned North Sea honourable recognition as ‘best port’.

Liquid bulk makes up one-third of the cargo volume from sea-going vessels at North Sea Port, making it an important stop for petroleum products, bio-diesel, chemicals, liquid fertilisers, fruit juices and gases. The current storage capacity of some 3.9 million m³ enables the port to retain reserves of liquid bulk for both short and long-term storage. In the future, the port expects to further expand this storage capacity to 4.7 million m³.

As a sustainable port, North Sea Port is investing in the production of nearly 1 million tons of bio-fuel (bio-ethanol and bio-diesel) per year.

The Tank Storage Awards

On the evening of Tuesday 20 March, the second edition of the Tank Storage Awards were held in Rotterdam. The Tank Storage Awards recognise companies that – each in their own way – excel in security, innovation or general storage. North Sea Port was nominated in the ‘best tank storage port’ category and competed for the title against the ports of Ras Tanura (Saudi Arabia), Antwerp (Belgium) and Amsterdam (Netherlands). This marked the first time North Sea Port has received an award as a cross-border fusion port in the presence of its clients.

North Sea Port as the logistical heart of Europe

North Sea Port offers many advantages for handling various types of cargo: its position adjoining the open sea (Vlissingen/Terneuzen), a draught of up to 17 metres, its congestion-free connections to the hinterland and its specialised terminals. Thanks to its central location in the logistical heart of Europe, along with its mix of transport connections to the European hinterland, North Sea Port is a true economic hub. North Sea Port is additionally connected to the Central Europe Pipeline System (CEPS).