North Sea Port records highest added value ever in Ghent port area

Published on Tue 29 May 2018
For the first time, the Ghent port area of North Sea Port passes the mark of 8 billion euros of added value: a new record. Also employment and investments are increasing. The new figures issued by the National Bank of Belgium prove this.


In 2016, total employment in the Ghent port area increased from 63,245 to 64,193 jobs. A 1.5% growth.

Direct employment increased by 0.5% to 27,983 full-time jobs. Indirect employment went up by 2.3% to 36,210 jobs. In the Ghent port area, total employment continues to increase year by year or at least remains stable.

With the 34,179 jobs in the port areas of Vlissingen and Terneuzen and the 64,193 jobs in the Ghent port area, North Sea Port as a recently merged port, is good for 98,372 (in)direct jobs. By the year 2020, North Sea Port wants to have the number of jobs increased to 100,000.

Growth of added value: a new record

The Ghent port area registered an overall added value of 8 billion euros in 2016: 3.9 billion euros of direct added value, mainly in cargo handling, trade and the metallurgical industry (+1.8%) and 4.1 billion euros of indirect added value (+2.6%). This is a record for the second year in a row. Moreover, for the first time, the 8 billion euros mark was crossed, with a total increase by 2.2 %.

The added value in the port areas of Vlissingen and Terneuzen amounts to 5.4 billion euros. Add this to the 8 billion euros of the Ghent port area and North Sea Port reaches a total of 13.4 billion euros of added value.


In 2016, investments in the Ghent port area amounted to 531 million euros. This is an increase by 3.6% and the highest level of at least the past 6 years.