North Sea Port plays its master cards at breakbulk fair in Bremen

Published on Wed 30 May 2018
North Sea Port takes up a leading position as for general cargo. With a traffic volume of 11.6 million tonnes in 2017, the port is Europe’s number 1. North Sea Port strengthens its position by being present at the internationally known ‘Breakbulk Europe’ fair.

From Tuesday, May 29 up to and including Thursday, May 31, North Sea Port is present at the internationally renowned ‘Breakbulk Europe’ fair in the German city of Bremen for making its general cargo traffic grow. Bulk transhipment is North Sea Port’s absolute specialty. The merged port mainly handles a lot of iron ore, coal, foodstuffs, cereals and fertilizers. North Sea Port is also at the European top concerning general cargo (steel, paper, wood, fruit and project cargo). 

Extensive storage possibilities 

In the port, specialized companies have modern equipment and spacious storage facilities where a wide scale of goods categories are being handled such as wood products, metal, vegetables, fruit and project cargo. For the loading of new cars that have to be transported overseas, a number of terminals are fitted with what are called ro/ro jetties. Here, also trucks and trailers with or without cargo and other rolling stock can be driven on and off board. 

The number 1 in Europe for general cargo 

North Sea Port is Europe’s number 1 for the transhipment of forest products, such as wood, paper and cellulose. In the Netherlands, it is the number 1 for the handling of conventional fruit (not packed in containers). Worldwide, it can call itself one of the major players for the storage of aluminium. With the growing volume of heavy cargo, such as the various components for wind turbine parks at sea, the share of project cargo in North Sea Port’s total traffic of the past ten years has grown strongly. With the new wind parks at sea, that are being installed more or less in our backyard, it can be expected that this cargo will continue to gain importance in the coming years.