North Sea Port monitoring the Brexit closely

Published on Thu 17 Jan 2019
After postponing Brexit again until January 31st , it is still unclear what the consequences will be. North Sea Port is keeping a close eye on developments in order to anticipate how the situation will evolve and refer businesses to the proper channels.

Whether it comes to a Brexit deal or a hard Brexit, North Sea Port has been consulting with the companies who do business with the United Kingdom for quite some time. In light of potential issues, preparations are being taken and information exchanged regarding stockpiling, Customs formalities, financial repercussions and the impact on IT. After all, the United Kingdom is the second-largest trading partner of North Sea Port, accounting for some 9% of the total 70.3 million tons of maritime transshipment. This involves goods such as vehicles, containers, construction materials, chemical products, fertilisers and energy and petroleum products.

North Sea Port naturally also cooperates closely with the relevant authorities and governments in the Netherlands and Flanders. The port refers companies to these authorities as well.

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