North Sea Port measures to fight the spread of the Coronavirus

Published on Mon 16 Mar 2020
Both the Belgian and Dutch governments have announced measures that are necessary to fight the further spread of the Coronavirus. North Sea Port follows these measures. At the same time, North Sea Port wants to keep the port operational wherever this is possible and safe.

Sea going vessels announcing not later than 24 hours in advance

North Sea Port is making efforts to enable the continuation of the operational activities in the port wherever possible. Normally speaking, already strict measures are valid for sea going vessels before they can call at North Sea Port. In addition and in consultation with the GGD national health services (for the Netherlands) and Saniport (for Belgium), the following agreements have been made:

  • The Harbour Master’s Offices remain within reach and are active at their posts as usual, but in limited numbers.
  • As usual, sea going vessels has to fill in the Maritime Declaration of Health. This procedure goes in close coordination with the health services (GGD and Saniport).
  • The Maritime Declaration of Health has to be filled in 24 hours before entering the port.
  • From the moment that even only 1 question is answered with ‘yes’ on this form, the health service will be included directly.
  • (River) Cruise passengers in North Sea Port Ghent are to remain on board.

Personnel is working from home when possible

North Sea Port puts the well-being and safety of its workers first. For this purpose, the following concrete measures apply for North Sea Port:

  • North Sea Port follows the advice issued by the WHO, the authorities and national official bodies.
  • Wherever possible, our staff is working from home and all meetings, trainings and gatherings that are not strictly necessary are cancelled. However, our workers can still be reached by email, skype or telephone.
  • The Harbour Master’s Offices, site inspectors and the reception remain within reach and are active at their posts as usual, but in limited numbers.
  • Access to the Harbour Master’s Offices is limited. An alternative schedule and a continuity plan have been drawn up so as to continue the operation of the Harbour Master’s Office whenever this is possible and safe.

North Sea Port buildings are closed or have limited access

Supplementary measures have been taken for North Sea Port’s (public) buildings and locations. These measures are valid until 4 April 2020 inclusive, unless the situation requires a different approach or measure. Moreover, there are supplementary hygienic measures to be followed.

  • The Ghent Havenhuis (Port House) is closed.
  • Only ‘indispensable’ visitors are admitted to the North Sea Port offices.

Events and activities are cancelled

The measures taken by North Sea Port imply among other things that various gatherings, tours by boat and events cannot take place or are postponed. In practice, we inform you that all North Sea Port tours by boat are cancelled and that the North Sea Port port bus from Stella Maris will not be operational until further notice.

Seamen's clubs closed

  • The seamen’s clubs in the entire North Sea Port are closed until further notice.

More information

You can find an overview of the measures that are valid in North Sea Port at our website Measures Coronavirus North Sea Port