North Sea Port host for European bulk sector

Published on Fri 16 Nov 2018
On Monday night 19 November North Sea Port in Ghent expects no less than 650 guests from the European bulk sector. The International Bulk Journal then presents its annual awards. North Sea Port has already been nominated for one of them!

The International Bulk Journal (IBJ) organises a major conference each year. Hundreds of guests from the bulk sector from all over Europe are welcomed then. After earlier conferences in cities such as London and Amsterdam, this year’s conference is in Ghent. That night, the IBJ presents a number of awards, the ‘IBJ Awards’. North Sea Port has been nominated for the ‘Best dry bulk port’ category.

The conference takes place in the Eskimofabriek, a former 19th century textile factory in the old part of the port in Ghent.

Specialist in the transshipment of bulk goods

North Sea Port hosts the conference. It is a unique opportunity for North Sea Port to put itself on the European map more prominently since more than half of the cargo traffic consists of dry bulk, such as grains, iron ore, coal…. In addition, almost one-fifth of the transshipment consists of liquid bulk such as chemicals, bio fuels and orange pulp. Also, the fact that North Sea Port has been a merger port for a year, was a reason to ask the port to host the conference.