Netherlands' largest solar park opened in North Sea Port

Published on Tue 6 Nov 2018
On Thursday, 1 November, the Scaldia solar park officially opened in North Sea Port. The firm ib vogt installed more than 140,000 solar panels, making this the largest solar park in the Netherlands.

The official opening took place with the symbolic starting of the generator, getting the largest solar park in the Netherlands up and running. The Scaldia solar park is located in the municipalities of Borsele and Vlissingen. For Zeeland, the facility is important to achieving its climate objectives: over 30 years, the solar park will avoid 738,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

As the biggest land owner, North Sea Port supported the development of the renewable energy project, since it fits with the sustainability policies of the port.

38 hectare solar park

The solar park was built beside a number of wind turbines and beneath a high-voltage line in a cable and pipeline corridor around Sloehaven dock. Scaldia solar park has a capacity of 54.5 MWp, with over 140,000 panels covering an area of 38 hectares. The solar panels are oriented east-west in order to optimise land use and power generation. In total, Scaldia solar park will generate an average of 51,000 MWh of green power annually for 30 years. This is equivalent to the energy consumption of about 14,000 households.

After two and a half years of preparations and permit procedures, the German family firm ib vogt built the solar park in six months. The amount invested is 41 million euros.

About ib vogt

ib vogt GmbH specialises in the development and delivery of photovoltaic installations around the world. The family firm has delivered solar parks with a total capacity of more than 680 MWp worldwide since 2009. The company operates in more than 59 countries and has its head office in Berlin (Germany) and offices in the UK, the United States, Australia, Panama, Poland, Spain, India and Southeast Asia, plus several joint ventures in Africa.