Harmonie is a new registration tool for inland shipping. The system was developed together with BLN – Schuttevaer and inland skippers. Its purpose is to generate complete and timely information about the stays of inland skippers, as well as to reduce the administrative process for skippers. The app is currently being tested extensively by inland skippers.


With the app, North Sea Port wants to ensure that skippers are invoiced correctly and the handling process is made more efficient and reliable. Roy Bogaert, Nautical Functional Manager, is closely involved in the development of the app. He says: “As the port authority, we want to generate reliable information. This also contributes greatly to safety levels in our region. Having reliable information and data means that we, the port authority, can take the right measures in the event of an emergency.” 

Several initiatives 

Skippers must pass on the same information at various points. This is time-consuming. Roy: “We have resolved this by collecting the available data in the chain and processing it in Enigma+ (Port Management System). We then show these details to the skipper. The skipper checks this overview and tells us what his plans are in the port. He can obviously also modify the details.” The idea is to use the app once the skipper has moored. This was also done at the request of the skippers for safety reasons. 


A skipper can indicate that he grants North Sea Port permission to use his AIS signal. North Sea Port can use this signal to add data to the app in advance. Examples are that the ship is entering the port area, at what time the ship has arrived at a certain berth and at what time it leaves again. By already showing this data, the skipper will only have to check if everything is correct. That means less work! 

One of the first 

North Sea Port is one of the first ports that will be testing whether AIS can be used to retrieve registration and departure data. This includes a test whether stay details can be linked to journey details. Roy: “This makes Harmonie a link in the journey chain of skippers by reusing existing journey details.” 

Test the app

You can register by email to test the app. The app will initially only be available for Terneuzen. If it is successful, it will be expanded to the entire North Sea Port region (Gent, Terneuzen, Vlissingen).