Gutami Holding commences construction of Zeeland’s largest solar farm at Valuepark Terneuzen site in North Sea Port

Published on Mon 5 Jul 2021
Gutami Holding is commencing the construction of a 60MW solar farm at Valuepark Terneuzen that will generate solar power for over 14,000 households. In this way, Dow and North Sea Port are supporting efforts to increase the sustainability of Zeeland's energy supply.

Valuepark Terneuzen, a partnership between Dow Benelux and North Sea Port, awarded the construction and operation of a 60 MW solar farm to Gutami Holding in 2019. Pfalz Solar has since started on the construction work. The farm will generate more than 56 million KWh per year, which equates to 22,600 tonnes of CO2 saved annually. The solar farm will be the largest in Zeeland and in the North Sea Port area. It will become operational in November 2021.

Green power for companies at Mosselbanken

The Mosselbanken site is part of Valuepark Terneuzen “Green power will make the site even more attractive to new businesses looking to set up shop here”, explained the CEO of Valuepark Terneuzen, Geerten van Dijk. "With this solar farm, we are helping to make Zeeland’s energy supply even more sustainable”, said Anton van Beek, President Dow Benelux. “The project is also contributing to the Netherlands’ energy transition and further reductions in CO2 emissions."

Daan Schalck, CEO, North Sea Port: "The construction of this solar farm will anchor business activity and employment in the port area. That goes hand in hand with the energy transition and achieving the climate objectives to which Dow and other companies in North Sea Port are contributing. Generating green electricity in the region will also assist in the production of green hydrogen".