First ship viaVerbrugge Terminals’ new permanent shipping line with South America docks in North Sea Port

Published on Mon 21 Jan 2019
On Monday 21 January 2019, the ship Balao docked at Verbrugge Terminals in Vlissingen, in North Sea Port, carrying a cargo of fruit. This was the first ship to arrive as part of this logistical service provider's first permanent intercontinental shipping line.

The ship was carrying fruit such as bananas and pineapple, among other things. In this line, goods will be loaded in Cartagena and Santa Marta, Colombia and in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica. From South America, the ships will then sail to the European ports of London, North Sea Port and Rotterdam.

Vessels arriving weekly

For Verbrugge, this is the first intercontinental shipping line to be handled at this port. Each week, ships from the shipping companies Streamlines and Hapag-Lloyd will sail from South America to Vlissingen in North Sea Port. The fruit will be transported in refrigerated containers. The Balao is 208 metres long and can accommodate over 500 refrigerated containers on board. In Vlissingen, some 100 containers with 2.5 million kilos of fruit and fruit juice will be discharged at and by Verbrugge. After that, Zoomweg Zeeland Coldstore – which has the necessary refrigerated and frozen storage facilities – will take over further handling of the fruit.

The permanent shipping line will not immediately result in any new jobs. Verbrugge currently employs over 1,000 people.

As a ‘food port’, North Sea Port is investing heavily in the transshipment of cargoes such as fruit. Thanks to this new permanent shipping line, Verbrugge is establishing itself even more firmly in the North Sea Port area.

Ideal depth

The shipping companies chose the Verbrugge terminal due to its location near deep shipping channels and the length of its quays.

About Verbrugge Terminals

As a logistical service provider, Verbrugge Terminals maintains a strong presence in North Sea Port (Terneuzen and Vlissingen) and Zeebrugge. The terminals in Vlissingen are located at the economic heart of Northwest Europe: on the North Sea coast, immediately adjoining the Westerschelde. Vlissingen is an ideal location for receiving deepsea volumes and transshipments with final destinations across all of Europe. What's more, the terminals have fast rail connections to Eastern and Central Europe as well. Vlissingen is also highly suitable for inland shipping. The terminals maintain excellent connecting routes with the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Photo: Adri van de Wege