Evolution Terminals to develop new liquid bulk storage Terminal and Jetty in North Sea Port

Published on Tue 15 Dec 2020
Evolution Terminals B.V. has signed a long lease agreement with North Sea Port for exclusive use of 143,132 m2 of prime industrial land in Vlissingen in North Sea Port for the construction and operation of a new liquid bulk storage terminal and jetty.

Evolution Terminals will immediately commence with planning preparations and studies to support full permit applications. Evolution is planning to build a minimum of 619,000 m3 of liquid bulk storage capacity and a new deep-water jetty with a draught of up to 17 metres, capable of receiving seagoing vessels, barges and coasters. The Terminal will also be served by truck and rail tanker loading and unloading infrastructure for road and railway connections to the hinterlands and will comply with all safety and environmental standards under the latest regulations.

Strategic Location in North West Europe

When built, the Terminal will be situated at the mouth of the Sloehaven Channel, in North Sea Port, the Netherlands; and is directly accessible from the North Sea without the need to transit locks and sluices or to navigate inland canals. The adjoining Scheldt River connects the Terminal to the Port of Antwerp and to Ghent and Terneuzen also in North Sea Port, as well as to the European inland waterways.

Flexible Storage Solutions

Due to innovative design and ensuring full compliance with all the latest regulations and guidelines including PGS 29 safety legislation, Evolution is planning the multi-permitting of all storage tanks to accommodate a wide range of bulk liquid product classes so that future customers may have the ability to switch product types in response to changes in downstream market dynamics.

Alongside the more traditional model of long-term storage contracts, the Terminal could also offer capacity under shorter-term commitments, providing suitable customers with super-flexible tank rental agreements.

Future Expansion Capability

Evolution has secured sufficient land-area under the terms of the Long Lease Agreement that provides for future expansion potential to over 800,000 m3 of storage capacity under the proposed designs. In this regard, the company will also explore potentially synergistic relationships with existing industrial tenants within the Port for the provision of local storage capacity that could be accessed via a dedicated pipeline, subject to obtaining relevant planning approvals.


"We are delighted to have signed a Long Lease Agreement with North Sea Port and to immediately commence the permitting process for this exciting venture”. says Arron Smyth, Director. “The deep-water North Sea Port in Vlissingen is an excellent location within the ARA region (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) for a liquid bulk terminal. Through the delivery of this project, we are simultaneously focused on creating local employment opportunity and generating local contractor engagement during these economically challenging times as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Evolution Terminals plans to make permit applications in early 2021 with first operations expected by 2023.

Daan Schalck, North Sea Port’s CEO: “We are really delighted with this new investment in our port at a top-class location in Vlissingen, centrally situated in Western Europe at the border of the North Sea and the access to the port area. There, we can accommodate vessels having the biggest draught of 17 metres at a future-proof terminal for the storage of liquid goods of the future.”