Ships in port Gent

Ship Ship no LOA Dr. Flag Berth Agent
DN 53H230868316.351.50België5995Lalemant
BAO FLOURISHL9609835189.9911.00Hong Kong0750Lalemant
TINA THERESAL9478298101.397.00Denemarken0500Cargill
LS CONCORDEL925005099.905.50Gibraltar5945Naviglobe
SWALINGEL763744881.703.60Nederland7250Newman Shipping & Agency co
RACHELL936112298.803.60Nederland2360Vertom Agencies Ghent
MIRJAML913351388.453.40Barbados7800Vertom Agencies Ghent
ANITAL947957787.504.00Nederland5405Vertom Agencies Ghent
RMS RAHML911797381.703.30Antigua and Barbuda7830Vertom Agencies Ghent
OLZAL891984384.904.50Cyprus5375Vertom Agencies Ghent
WILSON BILBAOL901470587.903.00Malta0860Wilhelmsen Ships Service
ELISEL945446280.284.20Antigua and Barbuda0275Promar Agencies (Belgium)
DN 79H999015318.002.00Mauritius7610Lalemant
DN 140H100000240.002.00België5995Lalemant
DN 120Y9240719105.152.00Mauritius7600Lalemant
DN 121H4503750102.002.00België7600Lalemant
DN 40H600113043.892.00België5995Lalemant
DN 105H480189654.702.00Mauritius6180Lalemant
FAST SAML908545590.402.90België9610Promar Agencies (Belgium)
OURO DO BRASILL9018646173.007.10Liberia0990AME - Agence Maritime De L'Escaut
ELM KL9614294181.169.30Panama1000Vertom Agencies Ghent
DN 87H313050916.002.00Mauritius5995Lalemant
DN 73H600114716.602.00Mauritius0950Lalemant
PERFORMERL9376452118.403.70Nederland7820Vertom Agencies Ghent
NORD TITANL9701164224.987.60Panama7760Vertom Agencies Ghent
SAKIZAYA INTEGRITYL9780146229.0012.30Panama4730Navonus
INTERLINK ACUITYL9486582189.9910.70Marshalleilanden0970Navonus
NAREWL9521813149.968.80Liberia7160Ghent Transport and Storage
WILSON BERGENL955740887.913.20Barbados5995Wilhelmsen Ships Service
FRISIAN SUMMERL9367762118.904.80Nederland7780Vertom Agencies Ghent
ARKLOW VANGUARDL977257786.933.80Nederland0870Promar Agencies (Belgium)
SIEGEDIJKL9349447106.995.10Nederland0950Sea-Invest Shipping Agency

This list comprises an enumeration of all vessels that are located in the port area and are moored at a certain quay. The column 'berth' mentions the quay number. The exact vessel location can literally be seen via the globe on top of the table that links to an interactive map comprising several layers. The last column shows the name of the agent, which is the local representative of the seagoing vessels shipping company who takes care of all formalities.

The route that vessels sail to Ghent

Seagoing vessels reach the port of Ghent from the Atlantic Ocean or the Baltic Sea. On the North Sea, they contact one of the 2 pilot stations to apply for a sea pilot. The latter takes the vessels safely to the Western Scheldt. In Flushing, the sea pilot is exchanged for a canal pilot. The vessels next stop is the lock complex at Terneuzen in the Netherlands. Via this lock complex both seagoing and inland vessels sail onto the canal from Terneuzen to Ghent. All vessels that sail this route are registered in ENIGMA (Electronic Network for Information in the Ghent Maritime Area). Thanks to this port information system, arriving vessels can already be followed from far away on the North Sea.