ENIGMA+ helps a smooth vessel guidance

Enigma+ replaces PortsXcs as Port management System.

All vessels arriving at or leaving the ports of Vlissingen, Terneuzen and Ghent must report electronically in ENIGMA+. Not only the ship’s data is registered, but also voyage and cargo information*. This data is used, among other things, to calculate the port dues according to the lists of rates. ENIGMA is also an information and communication system between the various port users and is used to order pilots, boatmen, tugs and other services.

Electronic reports can be made via the website www.enigmaplus.eu. The reports must be made in accordance with the relevant public law regulations, the ‘Regeling meldingen en communicatie scheepvaart’, as well as Article 11 of the General Terms and Conditions for use of the ports of Terneuzen and Vlissingen. Message definitions and protocols for this have been fully integrated into the Port Management System.

*Cargo information is needed for the invoicing process and is used solely by North Sea Port