DFDS to increase capacity on route North Sea Port - Gothenburg

Published on Tue 16 Feb 2021
DFDS changed its fleet on the ro-ro service between North Sea Port and Gothenburg through the deployment of a considerably larger vessel. The 'Humbria Seaways' has replaced the 'Begonia Seaways' since 20 February . This creates additional capacity, which is welcome to transport the increasing volume

DFDS sails six times a week between Ghent and Gothenburg. They currently use three vessels of their series with the names of flowers. These can barely cope with the transhipment volumes. "In the first five weeks of this year, transhipment volumes increased by almost a quarter," says route operations manager Alain De Brauwer. “The 'Humbria Seaways' will be able to transport 320 more trailers per week in both directions. This is like one of the current ships doing a seventh crossing."


The 'Humbria Seaways' is one of six vessels of the ‘Jinling class' that the Danish group had built in China at the shipyard of the same name. With their extra decks, these megaroros can take on considerably more cargo, such as vehicles, trailers and goods on special chassis. Their total capacity is 450 trailers. This means 160 more than the flower name ships can take. In other words, all that cargo in one row would make up a queue of 6.7 kilometres. This megaroro is no less than 237 metres long and 33 metres wide and has three loading ramps at the back for loading and unloading.

The 'Humbria Seaways', which only came into service last year, will alternate with the 'Freesia Seaways' and the 'Primula Seaways'. It will call at North Sea Port every Wednesday and Saturday. Last September the new vessel was at the DFDS terminal at the Mercatordock in Ghent for a one-off call to clear an oversupply of cargo. Now it will be a regular visitor at North Sea Port. Alain De Brauwer does not rule out additional capacity expansions in the long term, which will depend on how transhipment develops.

Regular customer

The service between Gothenburg in Sweden and North Sea Port is one of the most important lines of the DFDS network. “And DFDS is a top customer for North Sea Port," says CEO Daan Schalck. "With six calls per week, the Danish shipping and logistics group is one of most regular port users."