Declaration of health

Before entering the port of North Sea Port the captain of a vessel must have completed the Maritime Declaration of Health in good time and have it available on board.

The following questions must be answered on this form: 

  • Date until the Ship Sanitation Exemption / Control Certificate is valid;
  • Number of passengers and crew.

In addition, the following questions will be asked: 

  • Has a person died during the voyage, whereby the cause of death was not an accident?
  • Is or was there a sick person on board during the international voyage, who you suspect is or was suffering from an infectious disease?
  • Has the number of sick persons on board during the voyage been higher than normal or what you would expect?
  • Is there is sick person on board at the moment? Has a doctor been consulted?
  • Are you aware of a situation on board which could lead to infection or the spreading of a disease?
  • Have sanitary/hygiene measures been taken (such as quarantine, isolation, disinfection, decontamination)?
  • Have stowaways been found on board?
  • Is there a sick animal or pet on board?
  • If the answer to any of the above questions is 'yes, the captain must inform the agent, pilotage service and the harbour master of Zeeland Seaports.