North Sea Port has decided to take measures to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. This is done following the national measures in the Netherlands and in Belgium. At the same time, we fully focus on keeping our port operational.

Last update September 15, 2021


North Sea Port is focusing on its core business. This means we are working to keeping our port and port activities operational. 

  • Borders remain open for maritime and inland navigation, as well as for all ancillary services such as boatmen, pilotage and tug services.
  • The Harbourmaster’s Offices remain available 24/7 to ensure that shipping is properly managed with the help of a reduced staff. Full replacement teams are on standby in case colleagues are taken ill.
  • A Taskforce team is focusing specifically on the operational and economic aspects of the port. The aim is to allow shipping and all associated nautical activities to continue in North Sea Port wherever this is possible and safe. To this end, we are in close contact with companies, service providers and public authorities.
  • The economic impact on companies is being monitored daily. As a port authority, North Sea Port is looking at where it can offer solutions to meet needs.

Shipping and health

As always, strict procedures for infectious diseases on board apply before ships call at North Sea Port. Additional arrangements have been agreed with the national health services GGD (for the Netherlands) and Saniport (for Belgium):

  • shipping must, as usual, complete the Maritime Declaration of Health. This procedure is closely coordinated with the health services (GGD and Saniport).
  • The Maritime Declaration of Health must be completed 24 hours before entering the port.
  • If even a single question on this form is answered 'yes', the health service is brought in immediately.

North Sea Port is also following the advice of both the Dutch and the Belgian/Flemish governments in this regard.

For a summary of the procedures, please visit the ‘Port and Health’ page. 

Port & Health

Port authority staff remain available

The welfare and safety of North Sea Port’s employees are paramount. North Sea Port is adhering to the advice of the WHO, the government and national official bodies in this matter. The North Sea Port offices are currently being operated by a skeleton staff. 

In addition, the following specific measures are in force for North Sea Port:

  • Employees work partly from home, partly from the office. Meetings and gatherings are digital where possible.
  • Employees can be reached by e-mail, online meetings or phone.
  • Operational services remain available, run by a limited staff. 

Ferries: amended services

The timetables and services of the ferries in the port zone have been amended. Check the websites for the most recent timetables and services. 

Western Scheldt Ferry website

Maritime and Coastal Services Agency website

Seaman’s Institutes

For more information about the Seaman's Institutes in North Sea Port, please check their websites. 

The North Sea Port havenbus (between the port, the Stella Maris seamen’s institute and the centre of Ghent) will no longer run until further notice.

Mission to Seafarers Vlissingen

Seamens Club Terneuzen

Stella Maris Ghent


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