Corona - Also North Sea Port’s port community supports the social service sector: give a honk and hang a white cloth out on Wednesday, 1 April at 12 o’clock

Published on Tue 31 Mar 2020
North Sea Port calls on the port community to express its support for the health care providers in their battle against the Coronavirus. On Wednesday, 1 April at 12 o’clock horns will honk in and around the port area.

Tens of thousands of people have been keeping the port operational for weeks now: they take care of provisioning the country and a large part of Europe. These people #SupportThePort and deserve a medal. This medal and so much more should also be given to the thousands of nurses, doctors, care providers and other workers who do everything possible to confine the Coronavirus from the frontline.

From a ship, a truck, a car or from home

As the port community, in order to express our support to all care providers, we will honk our horns on Wednesday, 1 April at 12 o’clock in the port and hang out white cloths. The entire port community is called on to join our hooting from a ship, truck or car and to hang out a white cloth at companies, ships or just at your home.

Send your film and win a VIP tour by boat

Make a video of your own 'honk-moment' (keep your mobile horizontal!). The port authority of North Sea Port wants to make a compilation of your video films. This compilation will then be shared on North Sea Port’s social media and website

Please, send in your film on Wednesday, 1 April before 1.30 p.m. to and you may win a VIP tour by boat in the port area of North Sea Port. If the file is too big, you can also use Be sure to mention your company, team and name.

Post your film on social media

Of course, you can also post your film on social media yourself. Have a look at North Sea Port’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Use #Northseaport #SupportThePort

This same action also takes place in the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge.