Construction of biggest solar park of the Netherlands has started at North Sea Port

Published on Fri 29 Jun 2018
In May, the works were started for the Solarpark Scaldia on the edge of the Sloehaven in the Vlissingen port area of North Sea Port. As the main land owner, North Sea Port supported the development of the renewable energy project.

Good for 14,000 households

Having a capacity of 54.5 MWp, the solar park will have an average production of 51,000 MWh per year. This can be compared to the consumption of more than 14,000 households. During its 30 years’ life it will save more than 738,000 tons of CO2 emissions. As a matter of fact, Solarpark Scaldia will then be the biggest solar park of the Netherlands.

Around the Sloehaven in Vlissingen

The solar park will be built next to a number of wind turbines and under a high-voltage line in a cable and pipeline corridor. The total surface area comprises 38 hectares around the Sloehaven. 140,000 solar panels will be erected in an east-west direction in order to optimize land use, the production profile and as a consequence also the cost-effectiveness.

Network manager Enduris started in February 2018 with the construction of the network connection. EPC contractor and owner ib vogt started the construction of the plant in May. ib vogt, the company that is located in Germany and that is being advised by the Dutch Solarfields, and HSH Nordbank recently completed its financing.

The production of the project will help the Netherlands in its transition towards renewable energies and in obtaining its goal of 37% sustainable energy sources in electricity consumption by 2020.

The solar park will be taken into use after the summer.