Companies stay on course with quarterly transhipment report in North Sea Port

In the first quarter of 2019 North Sea Port handled 17.8 million tons of maritime cargo transhipment, almost the same volume as the previous year. This means that the port remains on the same course.

The first quarter of 2019 was the third best quarter ever. With just under 200,000 tons less transhipment (-0.9%), the companies in North Sea Port have consolidated the growth which has been taking place over the past two years.

Bulk goods and containers

The rise in cargo transhipment via seagoing vessels is mainly related to dry bulk in which North Sea Port is the specialist. The increase can be seen in a strong construction market (sand, gravel and building materials) and in agribulk and animal feed.

The transhipment of containers has almost doubled as a result of attracting new services and the shift from transhipment of general cargo to transport in refrigerated containers, as is the case with bananas. Ro/ro and liquid bulk goods ((petro)chemical products for example) have also fallen. Coal transhipment remains stable.

Inland traffic generated 14.5 million tons, a reduction of 300,000 tons (-2%). The total maritime and inland traffic for the first quarter thus amounted to 32.3 million tons.

Published on Fri 5 Apr 2019