Companies and government demand large-scale green 1 GW hydrogen plant in Delta region

Published on Tue 26 Nov 2019
Companies, including North Sea Port and local authorities, want the Delta region to have a 1 GW green hydrogen plant by 2030. The parties will endorse this with a statement on 25 November.

The statement will be supported by North Sea Port, ArcelorMittal, Dow Benelux B.V., ENGIE, Fluxys, Gasunie, ICL-IP, Impuls Zeeland, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Ørsted, the Province of East Flanders, the Province of Zeeland, Smart Delta Resources, Yara Sluiskil and Zeeland Refinery.

Hydrogen Delta Day

Plans will be presented at hydrogen event ‘The Hydrogen Delta Day’, with which the Delta region aims to remain front runner in the area of industrial hydrogen. The major demand for hydrogen, the potential hydrogen supply among companies, the proximity of large-scale wind farms at sea and the existing hydrogen infrastructure all make the region a highly suitable location for installing electrolysers and the further roll-out of a hydrogen grid.


The statement specifies that the shared ambition of the companies and authorities is to be the biggest hydrogen cluster in the Netherlands and Flanders, as well as to remain front runners in this regard. “All the conditions are in place to use large-scale green hydrogen in the port area of North Sea Port. There are excellent and flexible opportunities for integration available in companies, energy producers form a stable basis for change, this is where the electricity from major wind farms at sea arrives on the land and Smart Delta Resources is providing a strong platform for collaboration.”