Best quarter for North Sea Port’s cargo traffic

Published on Mon 16 Apr 2018
In the first quarter of 2018, North Sea Port registered a seaborne cargo traffic of 18 million tonnes. This is by far the best quarter ever. North Sea Port thus continues the growth it has shown last year.

In the first quarter, there was 2.2 million tonnes more seaborne cargo traffic as compared to 2017. Which means a 14% increase. In case the merged cross-border port had already existed before 1 January 2018, this first quarter would have represented an absolute record for its seaborne cargo traffic.

With this best quarter of 18 million tonnes of cargo traffic, North Sea Port moreover continues on last year’s drive. The merger port then registered a total of 66.6 million tonnes: a record year. 

Bulk and general cargo

The increase of the seaborne cargo traffic mainly concerns petroleum (products). But also crude minerals, mineral fuels and metallurgical products are on the up. Consequently, the growth is found in liquid and dry bulk and in general cargo, two sectors in which North Sea Port is an absolute specialist. Furthermore, also the container volumes are on the rise –although its share remains limited – and roll-on/roll-off experiences a light increase.

North Sea Port’s inland navigation traffic almost reached 15 million tonnes, a rise by 1 million tonnes. Consequently, the overall cargo traffic by inland and seagoing navigation arrives at 33 million tonnes.