Each bunker vessel that comes to deliver in port of Ghent has to have a bunker permit for the Ghent port area (see article 3.6.1 of theĀ General police regulations for port of Ghent).

This permit can be applied for by letter or by email to the port commander. A valid certificate of approval of the motor tanker has to be enclosed.

For each bunker supply, before the start of the delivery the port commander’s department of Ghent Port Company has to be contacted by VHF channel 11. They will register the data of the delivery in the ENIGMA+ port information system.

Whenever there is an inspection by the harbour master’s office, a copy of the bunker checklist has to be submitted.

You can find the conditions that have to be fulfilled and blank bunker checklists in the Dangerous and/or harmful materials regulation (in Dutch: Codex gevaarlijke goederen) under Chapter III.4.